O que significa ser “digital, em primeiro”?

(22/06/2011) A propósito da afirmação do editor-chefe do Guardian, Alan Rusbridger de que este jornal britânico irá adoptar a filosofia do “digital first”, Jeff Jarvis publicou um artigo muito interessante no seu blogue sobre o significado de um projecto editorial ser, em primeiro lugar, digital. Pergunto: será que é isso que o Guardian quer?

A reter

Digital first, aggressively implemented, means that digital drives all decisions: how news is covered, in what form, by whom, and when.

It means using the most appropriate media to impart information because we are no longer held captive to only one: text. We now use data, audio, video, graphics, search, applications, and wonders not yet imagined.

It dictates that as soon as a journalist knows something, she is prepared to share it with her public. It means that she may share what she knows before she knows everything (there’s a vestige of the old culture, which held that we could know everything … and by deadline to boot) so she can get help from her public to fill in what she doesn’t know.

Digital first, from a business perspective, means driving the strategy to a digital future, no longer depending on the print crutch. That means creating a likely smaller and more efficient enterprise that can survive, then prosper post-monopoly, post-scarcity in an abundance-based media economy.

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